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America’s Got Talented Gays

Frequently, on TV talent shows, a contestant’s “back story” is shared.  I have seen a few gay contestants sadly explain that their families have not been supportive of their announced lifestyle choice.  Apparently, they want the viewing audience to be aware of their personal family struggles in addition to simply appreciating their talents as performers.

During the stages of competition, things are said by these performers about how the people of America who vote for their acts are their “family” now.

Last night, one of the gay contestants reported that he has been re-united with his parents as a result of being on America’s Got Talent.

That leads me to conclude that the parents did not disapprove of their son’s sexual orientation, which, presumably, has not changed during the course of the show.  Rather, it seems that what they had been waiting for to reconcile was for their son to get into the semi-finals of the competition.

“Son, up until now, we were disappointed in you because you had never performed at Radio City Music Hall, but now that you have appeared there on America’s Got Talent, we can accept you for who you are — someone with a chance to win one million dollars.”

Now they can love him.  If he can get them tickets to the finals, he would be even easier to love.


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4 thoughts on “America’s Got Talented Gays

  1. The same could be said in substance for those parents who suddenly pop out of the shadows…to sue a government agency for the death or maiming of their child who was homeless.

    • You got it! Of course, it might not even be true — the estrangement or the reconciliation. It might just be television “feel good” drama. I just wrote what I did because the role of the talent show in family relationships did not make sense to me. I also get a kick about the contestants who leave their jobs and spouses and kids for however-many weeks to pursue their dreams. How selfish! There are other ways to make a living. I have tried to explain to Miss Sugar my lifelong dream of being a rodeo cowboy but she won’t let me quit my law firm.

  2. Yep! I try to be like Roy Rogers but Sugar won’t be Dale Evans. She wants to be Sue Ellen Ewing from the show Dallas. Actually, Sugar played Sue Ellen’s maid as an extra in the early ’80s. The lifestyle of the Ewings, even though imaginary, ruined her worldview. You don’t mess with Texas women. For futher details, check out:

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