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Drawing the Line

President Obama and I like to draw lines that cannot be crossed without serious repercussions.  We assume that someone will back us up because we are popular politicians.

In the halcyon days of my youth, I was once told by a peer, after a physical conflict when I intervened to stop his bullying of another child, the outcome of which was disappointing to the bully, that his big brother could beat me up.  “Maybe,” I replied, “But you can’t.”

The conflict escalated.  The next day, he showed up with two of his big brothers (which I consider a major compliment), called me out, and taught me a lesson (about bullying, I guess, or maybe about coming outside when it is three against one) in my own front yard.  The lesson he had learned:  When threatening someone with force, be sure to bring enough guys.

President Obama better bring enough guys, namely Congress, when threatening Syria.  It would be nice if the U.N. and maybe England could back his play.

As for me, I am ready to throw the force of the Rural Land Use Board at all bad guys, evil in general, and unhealthy dietary habits.  I am prepared to ask the other board members to pass resolutions as follows:

— No one in Colorado or anywhere else in the world is allowed to use chemical weapons.

— Genocide is frowned upon in Larimer County, Colorado and parts of Weld County and Boulder County.

— Soft drinks shall only be sold in containers of 16 oz. or less.  (I kinda stole that idea from New York City.)

— Super-sized meals shall only be available to the non-obese.  Obesity will be determined by a citizens commission patrolling each fast food franchise throughout the world.

—  Peace and love shall be mandated.

Now I have to go twist some arms to get this passed, or else.  Voting against my ideas is something with which I will not put up.  That is where I draw the line!


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10 thoughts on “Drawing the Line

  1. I don’t know much about President Obama and Syria–just what rules he’s trying to enforce over there, but you have some fascinating rules for your Rural Land Use board.
    The coyotes and wolves will be so happy to see that one about chemical warfare enacted. Poison bait is definitely chemical warfare AND an attempt at genocide. Peaceful co-existence is their fondest hope.
    If I ever go traveling I better eat before I get to Colorado, just in case one of your vigilantes deems me too plump and snatches the Super-burger from my hands before I get a bite. (Mind you, I never order a Super-sized meals, so I guess I could support that law.) As for the soft drinks, make a law that the vender can’t put more than 40% ice into the cups before filling. I’ve gotten drinks that were at least 65% ice in the US and I’ve never known who to complain to before.

    • I can tell that you are recognizing the power of the Rural Land Use Board and understand my clever plan to use this as a stepping stone to world domination as a benevolent dictator, for the good of all. You will thank me one day1

      • I think we should thank you for all the thought you put into this Post!!!!! LOL

        Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T

      • Thanks, Kenny. If you need anything corrected in the world, I will try to pull a few strings from my powerful government position. And, I should add, having a dog like Beau, whose nephew is a champion, don’t hurt none either.

  2. tough to be the leader of the free world, and NOT have your “boys” (Congress) backing you up. I wrote to my 3 representatives to encourage a NO vote….

  3. Some people seem to have a problem telling when the should be sermonizing and when they should be out in the front yard.

    It’s a good thing you know the difference and when to use either/both. No is often the correct course, as all adults should know.

  4. As a young mother, on many occasions I witnessed an in-law attempting to discipline her child by using threats. The silliest one was when she told the child she was going to call the police if said child did not quit doing ‘whatever’. I don’t know if I heard this somewhere or wisely thought it up, but I’ve always followed this creed: “Don’t make a threat you’re not prepared to follow through on.” This has not only made me appear strong, but it has also prevented me from making foolish threats. As a result, I was the one with the children who sat quietly and didn’t roam restaurants bothering other patrons.

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