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Town Hall Meeting Out of Town

When interviewed for my appointment to the Rural Land Use Board, I neglected to ask whether C-Span will cover the meetings live, in real time.  Imagine my disappointment in learning, after accepting the appointment, that the meetings will not be televised at all.  Why enter politics if not for the publicity?

Consequently, I will have to drum up my own publicity.  One way to meet with the little people of the general public in seeking adoration is to sponsor a series of town hall meetings at which they can meet me in person.  After frank discussions concerning the affairs of the day, I am willing to stay after for a couple of hours to sign autographs.  I have not yet asked Miss Sugar to take photographs and print up a few thousand copies, but she has that good camera that I got her for Christmas and therefore kinda owes me.  Signing autographs on photos of myself is much better than signing slips of paper.  I intend to consult with Johnny Manziel for autographing tips.  Anthony Weiner also has some marketing ideas, but I’ll need a camera phone.

One challenge to having a town hall meeting is that I do not have a town hall because I do not live in town.

As soon as we get one though, I will proceed with my plan.  Until then, maybe I can distribute the autographed photos through Amazon.


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