Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets

Moth Eatin Dog

Who says Beau ain’t a fine hunting dog? He is featured here in mortal combat with, well, with a moth.


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6 thoughts on “Moth Eatin Dog

  1. Reminds of a time right after Hurricane Andrew. My husband had committed to taking care of a bed-ridden uncle that ended which ended up bring for three years. But I was feeling rather down that evening because ( there I was ) taking care of this uncle because my husband had to attend classes that night. I was sitting out on the back steps, watching Dylan romp! The skies were incredible blue. A BUTTER FLY flew about the back yard. And it made me smile. Then Dylan ( the golden retriever ) jumped up and ate the butterfly. HA!!!!!!!!! I was like DAMN! 🙂 Figures. .. Just sayin’

  2. He was asking you for a teaspoon of soy sauce…to help the moth go down.

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