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Rain at Cross Creek Ranch

Today there has been terrible flooding here in Colorado.  Many roads are closed, bridges washed out, people stranded, vehicles stalled, homes and buildings damaged, and some lives lost.

The Bible says that it rains on the just and on the unjust.  I guess that means we are all in this together, whether we deserve it or not.

Colorado normally has an arid climate with low humidity that we like to brag about.  We have plenty of rivers because that is how mountain streams get to the ocean eventually, of course, but we are not known for our beaches.


Here at Cross Creek Ranch, the elevation is 6,000 feet above sea level.  We do have a river running about 50 yards from our house.  There is a bridge just that far from our entrance gate.  We have a hole that we joke about as our pond because it only fills up a couple times a year.  Today it is full.  There is about a half mile from our barn what is shown on topographical maps as an “intermittent lake.”  Today it is just plain a lake.  It was empty yesterday.  Suddenly it is a lake that would take up six city blocks.


Our “vintage” log house has one leak in the kitchen where inadequate chinking above a window is allowing rainwater to “wick” along a log above the cooktop range.


I hated to send my wife out there to affix a tarp, but Sugar assured me that she is about over her bad cold.  If she gets a fever, she will have a tough time driving to the hospital since the highway to town is closed.  It is a good thing we have four wheel drive so she can take the back roads.


“Hey, Sugar, light a fire before you go out.  I am feeling kinda chilly.  Oh, on your way back from Urgent Care, please get some coffee and tea as we are nearly out.  Thanks, Hon!”Image

What a woman!


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7 thoughts on “Rain at Cross Creek Ranch

  1. I heard about the flood. Sounds bad. Hope you stay dry……and that your wife doesn’t lock you outside!! 🙂
    Funny post~
    Hope the rain ends soon!

  2. Sorry to hear about the flooding…we sure could use some of that rain out here in CA. Stay safe and take good care of Sugar! 🙂

  3. Hope you got a pint of whiskey and some popcorn to chew on while the rains come.
    Fill the sandbags and find the oars to the boat!

  4. Well, you’ve answered the question I was going to pose to your dear wife. Sorry to hear that you’re getting such a dumping of rain. Ours in intermittent here in Loveland. But only a few miles west of us, the Thompson Canyon road is closed.
    We have two kayaks if you need them!

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