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Rainy Day

In the movie Primal Fear, Richard Gere plays a criminal defense lawyer.  In one scene, he says about himself, “First thing that I ask a new client is ‘Have you been saving up for a rainy day? Guess what! It’s raining.’ ”

Guess what!  It’s raining.  Again.

A meteorologist on TV last night said that 10″ of rain, which we have gotten in Northern Colorado, is the equivalent of 100″ of snow.  That is difficult to imagine.  In a normal year, we only get about 14″ on average.

The court house and other government offices in Boulder County and Larimer County are closed due to flooded roads.  Schools are closed.  And our law office is closed.

With the inventions of the telephone and internet, I am able to work from home.

With the invention of the Ford F250 SuperDuty Supercab diesel 4-wheel drive pick up truck, Miss Sugar might be able to make it to the grocery store for provisions for a rainy day.  I sure hope she does not have to go “off road.”  Our ranch is 20 miles from town.

horse and dallas days

We have saddlebags.  Maybe she would be better off taking one of our horses because a horse can swim, whereas a Ford F250 pick up truck cannot.

Maybe we should have gotten a Hummer.  Or an ark.


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5 thoughts on “Rainy Day

  1. I am real sorry that wet weather front has hit your neighborhood. I cannot imagine what is going on about you in that torrential rain.

    I heard Nellie Bell could swim, by the way, even better than Trigger. 🙂 Maybe you should get it for Ms. Sugar for your next rainy day.

    • It is funny you would mention Nellie Bell. I just saw part of a Roy Rogers episode in which Pat drives the jeep towards gunfire because he has a steel plate that he put in front of the windshield with just an eye hole. He said it was like Battle of the Bulge.

      Thanks for your concern. We are staying at the ranch today — even Miss Sugar.

      One of Sugar’s brothers has a Hummer, but he lives in Texas. He is former military and ready for anything. They have a storm/bomb shelter stocked with food. We don’t. I hope we don’t have to eat Beau after a few days.

  2. Perhaps you could start with a nice fat flushed-out ground hog rather than Beau — but then you once said you gave them all away.

    I wondered where our rain clouds have strayed. We haven’t had any rain to speak of for over a month now–just a sprinkle or two. Great for harvest.

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