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We Don’t Scare Easy

History, literature, movies, and music include many stories, some even true, about courage.   People admire courage, and should.

Americans pride themselves on facing adversity with bravery.  In Western lore, we have many examples, both fact and fiction, about native people, mountain men, pioneers, and cowboys, who were either fearless or overcame fear, which is probably even more admirable.

We have very recent examples of Coloradans bravely contending with wildfires last summer and now floods as have not occurred in Colorado for 100 or even 500 years.  Apparently, this is no place for sissies to live.

Tom Petty wrote a song that was featured in the movie, Appaloosa.  The song is called  “Scare Easy.”  Some of the lyrics are:  “I don’t scare easy.  Don’t fall apart when I’m under the gun.  You can break my heart and I ain’t gonna run.  I don’t scare easy for no one.”

The flooding in Colorado this week has been and, as I write this, is still a dangerous and destructive enemy.  We pray for the many who have suffered damage to homes and businesses and the many involved in rescuing the stranded and helping clean up and rebuild. These folks have demonstrated that they don’t scare easy.  Or quit.  God bless them!

Listen to the song by clicking the link below


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One thought on “We Don’t Scare Easy

  1. Hear, hear… Bravo.

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