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Risks of Vacuuming a Car

Miss Sugar was concerned about the untidiness of our car.  She directed me to go to the vacuum by the automatic car wash where we had just purchased gasoline.  There are no attendants.  Customers punch in a code after purchasing a car wash at the convenience store/gas station/car wash.  You can even pay at the pump.  That is, as I said, for a car wash.  You can’t pay for using the vacuum that way.

The vacuum operates on quarters.  We needed six of them to pay the $1.50 minimum amount of time on the vacuum.

Sugar searched her purse for quarters as she stood outside the car by the vacuum.  She was successful.  She inserted the quarters and we each vacuumed a side of the interior of the car.  Then we left.

We had not gone far when Sugar shrieked, “Go back.  Go back.  I left my purse by the vacuum.”

No woman wants to lose her purse, but  Sugar especially treasures this particular purse.  It was a Valentine Day present from me a few years ago.  I designed it and then had  a saddle-maker actually make it.  It looks like half of a saddlebag.  It has our ranch brand on it as well as a Texas star.  Sugar gets lots of compliments on it.

I made a quick U-turn and headed back toward the car wash.

On the way, Sugar lamented.

“Everything I have is in it.  Hurry!  I saw a woman standing outside the store.  She probably took it.”

I tried to reassure Sugar.  “Maybe that lady or someone else will turn it in at the counter.”

We got back to the vacuum and, to our relief, the purse was still there, right where it was left.

All’s well that ends well.  Plus, we have a cleaner car.

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4 thoughts on “Risks of Vacuuming a Car

  1. It is a heart dropping feeling when you realize how important that item is that you have just lost. So glad it was right where she left it, with her valuables intact.

  2. Nothing strikes more terror in a woman’s heart than the thought of losing their purse–even if it’s a designer purse. It contains our credit cards, drivers license, house and car keys, photos of family, important documents, lipstick… it’s pretty much our mobile file drawer. Glad her purse was still there… whew!

  3. I’d totally recommend the car wash on corner of Lemay and Highway 14, across street from the WalMart complex with Home Depot and Dairy Queen.
    Car washes vary from $3 to $12, and the carwash is free!! Our son David recommended this, and I drove there last week. Left there after at a least 15 min. vacuuming with a happy feeling.
    So glad that Karen’s purse was still there:)

  4. Nobody messes with the Star of Texas… I’m talking about Ms. Sugar, of course. 🙂

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