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Miss Sugar’s Weapon Purse

In the harrowing adventure called Risks of Vacuuming a Car, I recounted the near tragedy of Miss Sugar losing her purse by leaving it at a carwash.  In this post, I will better describe the purse which is the main subject of that prior blog.

Living in the shadow of Sugar’s fame, some of my talents are not known to the general public.  Among my talents is purse design.  So far, I have only designed one.  So far, so good.

Pictured below are the two sides of Sugar’s purse that I designed to look like a saddlebag with symbolic decorations, such as a Texas star, the name Cross Creek Ranch, our registered brand (open A, cross, reverse C) and a CC logo.  A saddlemaker did it for me to give her as a Valentine present a few years back.


You might have a similar purse, but does your purse also include a hidden compartment for a concealed carry revolver?


Consequently, Sugar’s purse, though beautiful to look at, can be heavy to carry, so heavy that our friend who is an orthopaedic surgeon, upon examining it, recommended that I carry it rather than the more delicate Miss Sugar.  Nevertheless, she seldom calls on me to do so.  Thank goodness!

And for your information, men carrying shoulder bags is very European, very metrosexual.  The fashion just hasn’t caught on yet around these here parts.

So we were walking around Hill City, South Dakota, which is near Sturgis, the motorcycle mecca, and as we were in front of a biker bar, I offered to carry the heavy purse because Sugar had been carrying it for quite a distance.

A man behind us witnessed the transfer.  He commented with sarcasm, “That purse really goes with your outfit.”

I had a comeback.  “Watch it, Pardner, or I’ll hit you with my purse.”

After that, he shut up.  You should have seen the fear in his biker eyes.

By the way, I was wearing a darling outfit comprised of a cowboy hat, western shirt, boots, and jeans.  Unfortunately, that purse/saddlebag did not match my black belt and boots.  Still, in accessorizing, can’t one mix black and brown?  Maybe the biker noticed the color discrepancy, which would explain his sarcastic tone.

If you get an outfit, you can be a cowboy too.  You will look amazing.


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7 thoughts on “Miss Sugar’s Weapon Purse

  1. Thank goodness the purse was not lost–it is a treasure.

  2. Adorable post. Such a character you are 🙂

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