Shootin' the Breeze

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Achey Breaky Heart

Billy Ray Cyrus and I have little in common.

He has one more hit song than I do.

He had a mullet when I missed out on that fashion trend.

I still have a career.

However, we are both fathers of daughters.  And there the similarity ends.

As one father to another, I have some advice for Mr. Cyrus.

My advice is to tell his daughter, Miley, to “knock it off.”  As a general rule, it is important to be supportive of one’s offspring, yet being supportive of destructive behavior is being complicit in damaging your own child.

Miley’s recent antics break my heart.  Why not yours, Billy Ray?


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5 thoughts on “Achey Breaky Heart

  1. No matter what age a father should tell his daughter to respect herself. Did he not teach her that as a child. If not then he did not do his job as a dad.

  2. I would be gutted if that was my daughter … But her subsequent behaviour was even more appalling.

    • It does not seem that she learned anything from the criticism. Instead, she got more attention. It has not dawned on her that the attention is not about her talent, just about her lack of class.

      • Yep she’s not doing herself any favours and someone who cares about her and not just about the money should tell you, like her mum!

        Anyway my daughter would never sell her soul and body for 30 pieces of silver; I brought her up with the right values, we may be poor but we respect ourselves and behave with dignity and integrity.

        That is the best gift I can bestow her.

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