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The Dog Ate My Homework

SkunkyIn school, one might use the excuse that the dog ate one’s homework.

As a lawyer, I have doubts that blaming my dog will work for me anymore.

In addition to having a law office where I meet with clients, I also have a room at home, called my study, in which I can do work during evenings and weekends.

So, this weekend, I brought a file home to work on.  When I get organized, I often need to spread out my paperwork.  At the office, I use the conference room table to do that.  However, at home, in my modest study, I put papers in stacks on the floor.  (I prefer the conference room table.)

This morning, on one of the piles of papers on the floor of my study, a stack of medical bills that I need for evidence in a personal injury case, I found a puddle of dog vomit.

At least the culprit did not throw up on the carpet.  How thoughtful!

Unfortunately, I am reluctant to submit the desecrated documents to the Court.

“Your Honor, may I approach the bench?  Handing you Exhibit 23, I suggest that you handle it with rubber gloves and a clothespin on your nose.”

“What?  You are holding me in contempt?  Don’t blame me.  Blame my dog!  I throw myself on the mercy of the Court!”


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2 thoughts on “The Dog Ate My Homework

  1. Don’t they just love to leave little surprises in the most unfortunate places!!! Our Rottie did not like our week of pouring rain and refused to tip-toe into the lawn. Instead, she decided to let us know the grass needed cutting! She left her present right on the deck of the pool! GRRRR…………really? Thanks for that gift! I decided to ignore it until it stopped raining!

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