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Night Watch

snowybirdbathWhen I woke up yesterday morning, at about 6:00 a.m., my bride, who was laying next to me, informed me that the electric power went off during the night.  We had a snowstorm.  Or so she said.  Unlike her, I had slept soundly through the night.  If burglars came, the dogs and Sugar would have to wake me up or I would never know it.  We have a sign on the porch, proclaiming, “We don’t call 911.”   That is tough talk.  I’m a crack shot, provided that I am awake.  (I realize that I am being very trusting of my readers by posting this.  I hope that none of you are burglars.  If you are, remember that Sugar is a light sleeper so you should beware of her and the dogs, just not me.)

As I was sleeping soundly, Sugar had started a fire in the wood-burning stove, so it was nice and comfy when I arose.  I appreciated her efforts.

She felt it necessary to remind me of something.  “Don’t flush the toilet.”  (When we don’t have electricity, our well does not work, so once we are out of water, there is no more.)

You are probably thinking that we are good candidates for a gas-powered generator.  You would be right.

Then it was my turn.  As Sugar stayed in bed, I went outside to get more firewood.  Note: She did not have to go outside.  She used the last of the dry wood in the house.  In comparison, what a good boy am I!

So I brushed off the snow and added wet wood to the fire.

Then, no thanks to me, the electricity came back on.

Our computers and internet service rely on electricity.  However, even with the computer on after the restoration of power, I could not get on the internet.  And here is where you will be impressed:  rather than get Sugar up, I brushed off the satellite dish all by myself, just like a big boy.

When Sugar finally came downstairs, the fire was roaring, the coffee made, and the TV and internet were working.

What a good boy am I — in the daylight.  Sugar does okay for the night shift.  For a girl.



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8 thoughts on “Night Watch

  1. When I lived on ‘the farm’ and knew a snow storm was approaching, I brought in more (dry!) wood, and filled 5 gallon buckets of water for flushing the toilet as we also had a well. Guess us gals are just pioneers at heart.

  2. I just read your post to my honey-dear … Funny, how easily content we are these days when it comes to entertainment … a good story on a great blog will do just fine … thanks for posting 🙂

  3. That Sugar is a great gal! And yes, you are a good boy. Love the stories you create out of everyday happenings.

  4. Your post made me cold! We are expecting our first frost of the season tonight, in central Illinois.

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