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The Redskins are coming to Denver to play the Broncos on Sunday.  That causes us to revisit the controversy about the name.  This post is similar to one I posted a few months ago, but just as the controversy continues, so does my suggestion remain.

I read in the news AGAIN that there is pressure on the Washington Redskins football team to change its name because Redskins is thought to be derogatory.     I have a suggestion that would allow the team to keep the same logo pictured below.


How about Washington Indians?    The Cleveland Indians in baseball, of course, already are using that same name that I am suggesting, but we have both the Major League Baseball Giants in San Francisco  and the NFL Football Giants in New York.  Washington Indians would work.  Keep the logo on the helmets.  It seems respectful.

On the flip side, the Cleveland Indians need to lose their logo.


The poster above came from the American Indian Movement (A.I.M.) website.

As I pointed out recently in another post on this blog, many actual American Indians call themselves Indians as well as Native Americans.  The American Indian Movement is a group that sticks up for, well, let’s call them Indians since that is what they call themselves in their organization’s name .   It is not the name Indian that is the problem.

Below is the sign for the Pine Ridge Indian (not Native American) Reservation.


If Redskins is dropped as the name, just use the name that real Indians call themselves and, again, keep the logo.

Now let us consider the names of two other professional football teams and an appropriate, very cool, even beautiful, logo.

The fierce Minnesota Vikings  logo does not seem disrespectful to me.   However, I have a suggestion for them too.  And for the Dallas Cowboys.  I have a dream.  Pick me!  Pick me to represent both identities.

viking logo

mustache al
If the Vikings merge with the Cowboys, I would like to be considered as the mascot since I am a Viking Cowboy by a combination of Scandinavian ethnicity  and American West cultural circumstance.  I hereby consent to my image on the right being displayed as the face of the Dallas Vikings, or for the Minnesota Cowboys, depending how the merger negotiations go.  It could even be drawn as a caricature to be used as a logo, such as the Viking on the left as long as it is done tastefully and depicts my rugged good looks in a respectful manner.

A team with that visual image looks to me like a winner!

While they work out the details of the merger, I will work on the mustache and Viking braids.  I already have a good cowboy hat.


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9 thoughts on “Pick Me

  1. Didn’t the Vikings wear…..skirts? lol

    Your topic does address a topic that is very hot in certain circles… Indeed. From my perspective, the “minorities” have played this card too long. I feel they should stop bringing it up. Just my opinion. But then it certainly puts fuel on the fire when our own President recognizes politically one side of his own mixed race background, yes?

  2. Tom Peden on said:

    I thought it was the term “Washington” that they were complaining about.

  3. Sounds like a plan to me. Sports teams have a lot invested in the franchise name, and the team identity is an important factor in their business model. Frankly, I am not sure how offensive the name ‘Redskins’ is to Native Americans – but what do I know. The Indians down here in Florida (all of whom call themselves ‘Indians’) seem to be far too busy building gambling casinos (and relieving the rest of us of our $$$), than they are worrying about the name of a football team. But that’s just my 2 cents.

  4. Thank you for trying to distract me from the Dolphins. Times are tough down here, and seem to be getting worse…After that a$$ kicking we got up in New England Sunday, I think I need some recovery time from football…

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