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God Knows What We Need

When I was a young lawyer, I attended a reception for a lawyer in town who was celebrating 50 years in practice.  I remember that when he spoke, he said something about continuing to wonder where his next client would come from, even after 50 years.  He concluded that, despite his insecurity, people keep hiring him.

I know the feeling.  There have been many times in my years of practicing law that God has provided clients and money just at the right time.  I recognize that it is out of my control whether a case settles or when it settles or whether it goes to trial or how much money I get.  I can do my part by doing my job, of course, but often the case I expect to settle does not, yet another, even better one, does settle when I was not expecting that to happen then.  Truly, I stand in amazement.

I see that God is providing, not me as some self-made man.  Any talents I have come from the Lord.  Opportunities come from the Lord.  I can mess up those opportunities, but I did not create them.

Last week I was hired by some clients who were in a serious accident.  They live in another county.  There are plenty of good lawyers in their county.  They contacted me because friends of theirs had hired me many years ago.  I thank God, truly, for sending them to me.  Like the lawyer who spoke at his party after 50 years of practice, I did not know they would be hiring me.  However, God knew.

In Matthew 6:8, immediately before he taught his disciples what we call The Lord’s Prayer, Jesus said, “…your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” 

I can vouch for that!


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8 thoughts on “God Knows What We Need

  1. God is so good! He goes beyond and above all of our expectations. Thank you Lord!

  2. I’ve had God provide just exactly what I need on many occasions, and on some very memorable occasions.

  3. Thanks for the witness–we depend on Him daily!
    Often our God includes little/big extra surprises–like a hug from a grandchild, a whale visit (yes, happened recently off California coast), a wildlife sighting–you know what I mean:)

  4. “Opportunities come from the Lord. I can mess up those opportunities, but I did not create them.”

    I like that part…

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