Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets

Rescue Mission

The people who operate the shelter

are on a Christian mission.

The people who seek help

come for many reasons.

Some struggle with addictions

to alcohol and drugs.

Some are afflicted

with mental illness.

Some are homeless

due to loss of a job.

It rains on the just

and on the unjust.

November nights are too cold

to sleep outside.

If you “enter the program”

you are taught responsibility.

If you enter the program,

you get a locker.

You can leave your stuff

locked there during the day.

You can sleep on a bed

and get a shower.

You can wash your clothes

and talk to a counselor.

There is a chapel service

before the evening meal.

There is an open door,

yet you can choose to stay outside.

God offers grace to us all

yet not all receive that gift.

There is a string attached.

It is called acceptance.

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2 thoughts on “Rescue Mission

  1. Praying that those caught in circumstances that make them want to stay out in the cold find the warmth of the love offered by Christ.

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