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A Chicken in Every Pot

Some commentators on the Affordable Care Act’s goal of requiring citizens to purchase health insurance, including myself, have sarcastically used various analogies about pressuring citizens to purchase luxury items such as boats and horses.  See

Today, I am going the other direction.  Rather than forcing the purchase of luxuries, which is clearly impractical, I want to target necessities.  I urge the government to pressure all Americans to purchase, whether they want to or not, food and shelter.

As with health insurance, which we can all agree is better than no health insurance, I want to open your eyes to other truths, i.e., that it is better to not be hungry than to be hungry and it is better to have a home or some shelter than to be homeless.

I am surprised that I am the first politician to see this opportunity to be a hero.  President Obama did not go far enough in merely deciding what is best for all in terms of health insurance; he could have decided what is best for all as nutrition and housing.  If I am elected, I will urge the passage of laws to require (by virtue of penalties for non-compliance) all Americans to purchase sufficient food and to purchase adequate housing.  I will call it the Affordable Food and Shelter Act.  I expect bi-partisan support.  What kind of a jerk could possibly oppose the idea of outlawing hunger and homelessness?

Those Americans who have been going without food and shelter, like those going without health insurance, are making the rest of us uncomfortable.  The rest of us want to make those people buy what we buy rather than foolishly choose to do without.

Big corporations, such as grocery supermarkets, are making money by charging Americans such as you and me for food.  Big housing construction corporations are making a profit by charging Americans for the houses such corporate entities build.  And, get this, doctors are sometimes charging for their services.  That is where I draw the line.

The government could run one government health insurance company rather than have all these competing private insurance companies.  The government could run one government grocery distribution system rather than have all these competing grocery stores, and the government could run one construction company rather than have all these competing construction companies.  Citizens would make their purchases from the government, eliminating capitalistic private industry.  You are welcome!

Wait a minute, while brainstorming I just had a vision about how the U.S.A. could get around these purchasing requirements with an even simpler system.   If the government would just cut through all the red tape and provide health care, we would not need health insurance.  And if the government would provide everyone with food and shelter, then we would not have to buy such things either.

And another thing — in every presidential election campaign, creating jobs is always an issue.  Duh!  We could eliminate that issue.  If the government provides food, shelter and healthcare for all (in order to be fair, it must apply to all), then we don’t need jobs unless some people want more than those necessities.   Of course, in Phase Two, the government should expand into providing luxuries as well.  I will save that for my second term campaign.

In difficult times, true leaders emerge.  I am here to answer the call.  I am urging all Americans to not be hungry, homeless, or unhealthy.  Or else!


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3 thoughts on “A Chicken in Every Pot

  1. I think you should make everyone drive a yugo, too 🙂

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