Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets

Two Calls

The baby arrived after a struggle.

The long labor had been induced,

yet after 26 hours,

the decision was made

to deliver  him by C-section.

So Braxton finally arrived

as yesterday’s newest Texan.

We heard all about the birth

in a phone conversation

with his relieved Grampa,

my wife’s brother.

Within a few hours

I answered another call.

My good friend, Walt,

told me that his son,

Bill, had died, and

he thought I should know.

It was not expected.

Bill, a mere 36 years old,

had a great smile

that charmed everyone

by revealing a glimpse

of his kind heart

through the twinkle

in his eyes.

Bill and Braxton

might have passed

each other

as one soul came

and one soul left.

One came from Heaven.

One returned to Heaven.

God knows them both

and loves them both.

Two calls about two sons.

Hello.  Goodbye.

Sunrise.  Sunset.

A time for every purpose

under Heaven.


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9 thoughts on “Two Calls

  1. That is a beautiful thought.

  2. Oh my. What a beautiful post.

  3. What a day of contrast… my prayers for both families.

  4. Beautiful!

    Life and death sum up our earthly sojourn.

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