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Dog Nutrition

Many people do not spend as much as we do for gourmet items to feed to our dogs.

It is misleading to give the impression that we do so voluntarily.

Recently, my wife and her father, in preparation for Thanksgiving, went to a cheese shop and successfully purchased three wedges of cheese and some fancy olives.

I went to the car to bring in groceries, including the special bag of goodies from the cheese shop.  I was questioned repeatedly about the contents, or, more accurately, the paucity of contents of the torn bag, for I brought in two, not three, wedges of cheese and no olives.  So, dutifully, I made two more trips to check the car again and again, each time with no success.  So Sugar checked my work by inspecting the vehicle herself, yet she too found no more cheese and no olives.

In the morning, Sugar solved the mystery, or at least found a clue that led to speculation and deductive conclusions about the fate of the cheese, together with actual evidence concerning the olives.

She found the container for the olives, photographed below.  She also found olives on the ground.  The olives that cost $6.00 for a few ounces.  These olives and the empty container were not near the car.  They were on the other side of the courtyard, a distance of more than thirty feet.  They did not accidentally fall out of the car.  Someone or something carried them that distance.


The usual suspect, Beau, our male Yellow Labrador Retriever, may have consumed the cheese after snatching it from the bag in the car.  Apparently, he also snatched the container of olives.

Based on the evidence of olives on the ground, which I am seen below picking up while supervised by Beau, I surmise that the olives did not suit his palate.  The cheese, however, did.


Why, you ask, did he not get all the cheese?  What do you think he is  — greedy? (I am guessing that he could only hold a couple things in his mouth and was foiled from further theft by my return to the car to bring in additional groceries.)

Why, you ask, do I blame Beau?  I invite you to type his name into the search box above the list of recent posts.  If you do, you will find numerous historical and anecdotal reports about his character flaw concerning thievery.  In particular, I refer to incidents of Beau entering both a FedEx delivery vehicle and a UPS delivery vehicle and emerging with property that did not belong to him, with the intent to deprive the rightful owners of possession.  Type in Beau and the FedEx Driver.

In addition, as recently as Sunday, when my father-in-law carelessly opened the trunk of his rental car to remove items from therein, Beau actually jumped into the trunk, intending to remove items that he coveted.  When the car was returned, I wonder if the cleaning crew wondered about muddy paw prints in the trunk.

As a public service announcement, I beg of you to beware of the yellow dog depicted below.  He is an habitual offender.  Consider him dangerous.



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6 thoughts on “Dog Nutrition

  1. Did you ask him to say “cheese” for his photograph? Heehee 🙂

  2. At least he provides some recompense for his mischievous antics by providing excellent blog fodder!

  3. Well; happy Thanksgiving to Beau. Keep someone standing guard over the turkey as it makes it way into/out of the oven, onto the countertop; out to the table on a platter. Enjoy the remaining cheese while you stand watch!

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