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Bad Santa

I don’t think he was the “real Santa” and I will tell you why I have that opinion.

Yesterday, Sugar had another of her art and craft shows, called Handmade for the Holidays, at the Hilton Hotel.  It was very nice.  The hotel was decorated for Christmas.  The show was in a beautiful ballroom.  There was a photographer taking photos of children on Santa’s lap.

I met Santa in the restroom.  Well, I did not meet him actually.  I just saw him getting dressed in his Santa suit.  So did a little boy.  For me, it kind of ruined the magic of Santa to see him that way.  I guess it would for the little boy too.  He was only 6 or 7.  Another adult said to me outside, “Don’t you think he could have come to the hotel already dressed?  Did you see that little kid?”I agreed it was a bad idea.

It got worse.

Santa’s chair was next to Sugar’s jewelry table so we got to watch him in action.  He was okay when sitting in his chair for photos.  However, he did not stay in character.  He came over to the booth and started looking at some of Sugar’s stuff and talked to me.

He did not talk to me about Christmas or Rudolph or Mrs. Claus or the elves or toys.  He looked at a ring with a bear claw design and told me that he is a member of a black powder shooting club where they dress like mountain men and have rendezvous.

I am sure that other mountain men have beards, but I don’t want Santa to go to their rendezvous or shoot rifles or throw tomahawks.  I like to picture him in his toy-making shop during the off-season, and at Christmastime, when he mingles with those of us in the general public, I want him to BE SANTA.

I might put out a piece of coal instead of milk and cookies this year.  He needs some feedback.


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16 thoughts on “Bad Santa

  1. This is a situation where I’m trying to think of “What would Beau Do”….. Maybe a good nip at his back side would help as he is being run off by a real cowboy????

  2. You are right! Bad way to ruin the magic of Christmas for the little guy!!

  3. Awww… I thought of my little 7 year old Grandson, he would have been so disillusioned! I feel bad for that little guy.

  4. I, too, want “Santa” to be “Santa” in public… the Santa Claus that gives away free gifts. Wait a minute. Look who’s in the White House.

  5. Also, his beard was a brownish-yellow color. Not the snowy-white type of beard you want Santa to have!

  6. That is so sad. We have this awesome customer who looks like Santa and stays in character year round – even his license plate is a reference to Santa. Let’s keep the “magic” in Christmas as long as we can for these little ones.

    • When I was young, my father belonged to a club at the stockyards building that had the best Christmas party. The Santa who came was the REAL SANTA. I compared him to the department store Santas and knew they were only helpers pretending to be Santa. That is how I resolved it “theologically” so as to maintain my faith in Santa Claus.

  7. People pretending to be Santa should be hung up and whipped.

  8. Even the Lone Ranger protected his image on and off the set. He wore a white hat too!

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