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Beau’s Pillow

Saint Sugar is a generous soul.  She likes to give presents to others.  However, she has great difficulty waiting for the recipient’s birthday or for Christmas.

“Do you want to see what I got you for Christmas?” she asked the other day.

“No.  I want to wait for Christmas.”

“I want you to have it now,” she pouted.

“I am sure I will like it, but I want to open it on Christmas.  Plus, I don’t have your presents yet,” I explained.

Apparently, she had a similar conversation with Beau, our Yellow Lab.  Apparently, Beau lacks the self-control that I repeatedly show.  He let her give him an early present.Image

He loved his new pillow!  The color matches his yellow coat — his favorite color.Image

He arranges his pillow with enthusiasm.Image

Sadie got a matching pillow too, but showed less enthusiasm.Image

The Lord loveth a cheerful giver, like Saint Sugar, and I think He loveth recipients who are appreciative, like Beau.


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17 thoughts on “Beau’s Pillow

  1. It will interest you to know that I was thinking about Beau just this morning. He is my inspiration today, the answer to my dilemma! (Well, his behavior is, anyway. No, I don’t want HIM.)

    I wrote a children’s story about Megan and her doll Callista, who has various “adventures” and needs rescuing. One of the “characters” is the girl’s cousin’s pup, Shaggy; while the girls are playing school he snatches Callista and carries her away. The cousin’s pup figures in several incidents–he even needs rescuing from dog nappers that day.

    I gave the story to a family of seven children, asking for feedback — and they all agreed they’d like to meet the rambunctious Shaggy! So should I consider my story a success or a failure, since Shaggy made more of a hit than Callista? Now I’ve decided I should come up with another story about Shaggy getting into all sorts of mischief. Odd how the mind works. That’s when I thought of Beau!

    I hope he has sweet dreams on his Christmas pillow and that Miss Sugar can wait two more weeks to give you yours. 🙂

    • That is wonderful that you wrote a children’s story. Congratulations. Also, since you mentioned Beau as an inspiration, I want you to know that he is available as a consultant. He would like Shaggy.

      • Shaggy chews on thing s he shouldn’t, like little girls’ flip flops. Shaggy grabs things and runs off under the bed with them, like little girls’ dolls. And Shaggy chases other critters, like the cat, which he shouldn’t.
        Yes, Beau would like Shaggy and I’m glad he’s willing to be a consultant. But think what the two of them might come up with “in consultation”! 🙂

  2. The dogs are so clean and pretty!

  3. What beautiful dogs. We have a golden retriever and he would love a pillow like that!!

    • Golden Retrievers are very similar to Labs in their behavior and abilities. I have had three wonderful Goldens in my life. Both breeds are used as service dogs, as you know, as well as being hunting dogs and good family pets. They seem to stay with puppy behavior for at least two years. Dignity is not Beau’s strong point.

  4. I love the use of “Saint Sugar!” 🙂 Beau is one joyful dog.

  5. I see you have escalated Ms. Sugar to Saint Sugar. She knows your ploy. It will not better your Christmas gift which she has apparently gotten for you… And I gotta ask… Does Ms. Sugar – excuse me, ma’am – Saint Sugar like you more with or without your manly (stand in for a helmet) cowboy hat?

    • I switched to Saint Sugar because one of the commentators about my story of Miss Nude Universe called Sugar that, probably for putting up with me, which title I found appropriate. As for my cowboy hat, Sugar does encourage me to wear it, or I should say them, as I have several such hats. She is not so big on me wearing a football helmet around the house or out in public. I do have an official NFL Bronco jersey, but it has Peyton Manning’s name and number. Maybe someday I will have my own Bronco jersey with my name and number. After all, I am still unsigned as a free agent. It is important for me to keep my weight up in case I get that call.

      • We thank you for clearing the air; it is assuring to know you do not wear your helmet around the house… And we see you did try to finagle an upgrade to Ms. Sugar’s gift to you. But I’m afraid Ms. Sugar would have a dickens of a time trying to fit “COWBOYLAWYER” on the back of your official jersey…so nice try. 🙂

  6. WANNABE is shorter.

  7. …..are you hibernating or has Beau chewed up your key board????

    🙂 Kenny T

    • Thanks for noticing. It makes me feel missed. Truthfully, Sugar and I have been involved in long days at the law office and then night work on the rental house that the pot growers damaged by dangerously and unprofessionally re-wiring to accommodate the grow lights. It is very nice of you to notice my writing pace has slowed. Happy New Year, Kenny!

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