Shootin' the Breeze

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Another One Bites The Dust

I went to high school a long time ago.

Even then, we had security guards at all the doors.

Even then, or actually the year after I graduated, the principal was stabbed. (He survived).

Even then, that same year, a girl was shot by another in the restroom.  (She survived).

Last year, a young man killed little first graders and others at Sandy Hook Elementary, then killed himself.

Yesterday, a high school kid in Colorado came to school with a shotgun, tried to shoot a teacher, did shoot another student (we hope will survive) and killed himself.

Those tragedies are evil.  The perpetrators are crazy.

That is really my point — the shooters are crazy.  They did not come from deprived backgrounds.  They were not devoted to a cause.  They were not terrorists.  They were not robbers (except of life) with something to gain.  They were angry and misplaced their anger.  They chose to harm others.  They chose to kill themselves as well.  (The kids at my old school were more direct in their targets and did not harm themselves except by getting criminal records).

I don’t know much about the upbringing of these perpetrators, but it seems they came from normal, even above average families.  We want a reason.  We want an explanation that we can understand.  Instead, it makes no sense.  That it because these acts were crazy and one does not usually understand crazy.  These acts were evil.  Even nice kids from nice families are capable of evil.

Satan is active among us.  God help us!


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8 thoughts on “Another One Bites The Dust

  1. We’ve made a joke of the devil — and he’s happy with that. Nobody fears a corny joker.

    If the Bible stories about Jesus casting out the devils are even mentioned these days, there’s surely a natural explanation, some unknown illness involved. We are too advanced to accept that demons can enter someone’s mind and drive him to murder and self-destruction. That’s just Hollywood stuff.

    So we continue to not understand why someone would walk into a school and shoot a bunch of innocent children. Clearly, more sedatives were needed.

    • You got it! And you said it better than I said what I was trying to say. It is not just guns — my principal was stabbed. It is not economic deprivation — Columbine, Sandy Hook, Arapahoe schools are all in nice neighborhoods. Is mental illness involved? Of course. But the acts themselves are just plain evil. As for Hollywood, in old Westerns there were always “badmen” and Roy Rogers did not seem to agonize about why they were bad — he just fought evil. So did and does Jesus.

      • Humanism has done this to us. Because children are born good, the only thing that can spoil them is a medical condition or a less-than-perfect upbringing. So the only devils nowadays are parents who didn’t bring them up right and a society that won’t provide for them–thus forcing folks to sell drugs or rob banks to survive.

        Jesus has such a marvelous way of fighting evil. He shows us just how sinful we really are–yet this revelation opens us to receive a complete change of heart. Amazing grace!

  2. Wow. We had nothing like that where I grew up. Still don’t. One of my friends in Colorado is trying to figure out why Colorado (front range in particular) seems to have such violent acts in schools. . . I know, Paducah, Sandy Hook, and so many others, but she is wondering what it is about the culture of access to guns. We have lots of them here in NE, but we don’t seem to have crazy at that level. Or maybe we do and it’s a silent victim?
    We DO want answers. We want better access to mental health and to remove the stigma, too.
    Most of all, we want this crazy to end. 😦

  3. Your last line says it all.

  4. May I humbly say, everyone was born in sin. That is why humanity needs a Savior. We have Adam to thank for it. Kids should learn about God from moms and dads. But if mom and dad don’t know Him, they certainly can’t teach junior or Susie about Him.

    Yes, the children can know the Lord even if mom and dad aren’t Christians because they have seen Jesus in a friend or a relative. Evangelism still yields fruit.

    We definitely need a move of God in the land; revival, from sea to shining sea, an opening of the heart unto the Lord.

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