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The Gift of Enthusiasm

I don’t know every Italian person but I know one half-Italian from Texas quite well.  Therefore, without generalizing, allow me to share some observations about the mysterious ways of the Italian I know, which observations you may compare to Italians and partial Italians whom you know and through this sociological study determine if there are common characteristics, such as emotions close to the surface and within easy access to their Italian mouths.

Suppose you have an Italian lady living in your home.  And suppose it is cold and windy outside.  Based on the (half) Italian whom I know, you might hear something like this, “No one should live here in the winter.  We should go to Florida for four months and hire someone to feed our animals.”

Then the sun comes out and the wind dies down.  Then such an Italian might say, “I think we should have a Christmas party so I invited twenty people over next Saturday.  Now we need to go to the grocery store.  Let’s put up our tree tomorrow night.  I already put up the lights on the house.”  (The invitees are coming in winter to the house that no one should live in, but at least it is lit with light.)

Last weekend we traveled to another county for yet another holiday art and craft show.  It was far enough from the ranch that we stayed in a hotel after the show.

On the way back the next morning, I heard, “I am sure tired.  Are you tired?  On the way home, let’s do some shopping.  I know what I am going to get your Mom for Christmas and I want to stop at Home Depot to get some weatherstripping for that door from the sunroom to the deck.  Hey, there is karaoke tonight at Scrumpy’s.  I told the owner I would advertise it on Facebook so  I need to go to take some pictures.  They have a TV so you can watch football.”

I said, “O.K.”

She was the hit of the “Christmas Caroloke” at Scrumpy’s.  (I did not sing.  I watched the Packers come from behind to beat the Cowboys.)

I say that the Italian person in question, Sugar, has “the gift of enthusiasm”  It is tough for an old cowboy like me to keep up, but ya wanna know something?  I kinda like it.Image

Sugar sells jewelry because she is a girl.  I sell knives because I am not knowledgeable about her jewelry and I have to sit there all day anyway.  Cross Creek Ranch Enterprises!


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4 thoughts on “The Gift of Enthusiasm

  1. This one provided me a knowing laugh… I used to be married to an Italian–‘Sicilian’, and the whole family was quite vocal, especially at the dinner table. When everyone got together with the rest of the Italian relatives at wedding receptions, there was a sea of dark hair and enough energy to move a mountain. Lots of gesturing goes along with the vocalizing, their whole body is involved when they speak. Not the shy, silent type… not shy to share (very blunt, sometimes rude) opinions…

  2. That holiday craft fair looks fun. My wife is Irish and they have a certain kind of enthusiasm for the holidays too. Me…I’m descended from those old Brits…and the Pilgrims that came over on the Mayflower so I am kind of stogie and stuffy and need someone who is enthusiastic around me at all times.

    • Sugar’s mother, Ginger, is half-Irish and has the red hair to prove it, so imagine an Irish-Italian. I am not sure they should be allowed to inter-breed as that is a hot combination. On the other end of the spectrum, I am half Swedish and more “reserved” which I like to think of as epitomizing “cool” as in cool dude.

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