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Beau and Mitch — Psychological Warfare

Mitch does work around our ranch when we need help from someone with superior skills to my own, which is frequent.

Mitch is thus familiar with Beau, our male Yellow Labrador RETRIEVER.  I emphasize the word retriever because Beau is a compulsive retriever.  The word “retrieve” sounds more noble than an equally descriptive word, which is “steal.”  The distinction lies in whether or not the object Beau gets is gotten at the request of a person or over the objection of a person.

Mitch was telling me today that Beau took his hat, hammer, and some other tool.  Mitch is catching on, however.  Mitch said that he has learned to act like he does not care because Beau is eager for a reaction.  Mitch explained that if he feigns unawareness that his hat or tool is missing, Beau brings it back.  Apparently the fun for Beau comes from a reaction by Mitch that he values the object in Beau’s mouth.  This is called in scientific circles “reverse psychology.”

The UPS and the FedEx delivery drivers could learn from Mitch.  As described in previous blog posts, which you could look up in the archives, Beau has retrieved packages and one lunch from those trucks.  Those guys made the mistake of caring.

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6 thoughts on “Beau and Mitch — Psychological Warfare

  1. It comes down to attitude. Smart man, that Mitch!

  2. Reblogged this on Shootin' the Breeze and commented:

    My loyal readers are aware of our recent house fire. Consequently, we have had workers here at the ranch making repairs. They bring tools. Beau collects tools. They should have talked to Mitch. I tried to warn them.

  3. First mistake is underestimating the intelligence of man’s best friend!

  4. Never a dull moment with Beau around. 🙂

  5. Now that’s my kind of dog! Love this story!

    • Thanks for liking the story. Beau is lots of fun. I have written several other posts about him if you want to see them, go to my animal stories and humor categories. Beau came from a shelter. His prior owner went to jail. He is our “jail bird dog.”

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