Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets


Peyton Manning and I like to dress alike in our Bronco gear.  I don’t mind when he does that.  Imitation is the highest form of flattery, they say.



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5 thoughts on “Twins

  1. Wow…you two really are twins. 🙂

  2. Will you order your twin to grow facial hair? 🙂

  3. Will you be ordering your twin to grow facial hair to be on the same level as you, good sir. And Ms. Sugar, I am so sorry he hasn’t washed that jersey for quite some time now 🙂

  4. Ron barnett on said:

    I never realized the remarkable resemblance No doubt you share similar quarterback skills as well. Don’t spill coffee on your shirt after Miss Sugar has obviously kept the shirt in a clean and fresh condition

    GO BRONCOS !!!!

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