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The Morning After

Yesterday was, as every real American knows, the Super Bowl.

This morning I awoke in a cold, dark place.  I was still wearing my Bronco jersey.  It was dripping with sweat.  I was curled in a fetal position. 

“Al, don’t you have to be in court today?” Sugar disturbed my focus on my deep depression.

“Sugar, I am sure the courthouse will be closed and the flags at half mast on this sad day.  Remember, the Broncos lost the game.  I am in mourning.”

“Well, maybe the judge and your client and opposing counsel did not take it as hard as you have.”

“How dare you, woman!  Of course they feel as sad as I do.  I am in no condition to be in court.  I have to watch the game films.  I have to talk to Coach Fox about my role on next year’s team.  Peyton and Champ won’t retire and neither will I.  We are a team.”

“Well, they probably got out of bed and in case the judge did too, maybe you should swing by the courthouse on your way to Bronco headquarters at Dove Valley.  You know, to verify that the courthouse is closed.”

So I went to the courthouse wearing my official NFL-licensed Peyton Manning Bronco jersey — #18.  To my surprise, it was open.  I went to the courtroom where my case was to be heard.  The judge was in his robes.  Opposing counsel was wearing a suit and tie.

“Judge, I need a brief continuance so I can go home to get a tie, unless you will waive that silly rule about courtroom attire.”

“Normally, as you know, I enforce that rule, but for you, Mr. Manning, I will make an exception.”

“Thank you, your Honor.  I am on my way to Dove Valley, so if you don’t mind, I waive my right to present evidence and would like to proceed to my closing argument.”

“Actually, I am ready to rule.  You win!”

The other lawyer objected.  The judge over-ruled the objection. 

Sure, there might be an appeal.  Go ahead, make my day!  Who do they think they are dealing with? 

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11 thoughts on “The Morning After

  1. What a compassionate judge!
    Have you survived this cataclysm?
    Has Coach Fox repented of not signing you on?
    Has Miss Sugar been permitted to wash your jersey yet?

    • I am wearing my jersey until next year’s Super Bowl. Coach Fox is probably going to sign me as soon as my knee heals up. For some reason, he likes his players to have a little more speed than I am currently exhibiting, but I do have the size.

  2. My sympathies! Life goes on, there WILL be a 49th season~!!~

  3. Well, they could definitely have used you. It was a rough game to watch, and I’m not even a Broncos fan.

  4. Yeah, I had a real bad feeling when that safety went down…my wife always has premonitions and she said she knew it was over then…I dunno if I believe her.

  5. Thought about you during the game … and then I was very grateful that you were not there playing … They might have blamed you for the whole thing 😦 … so let’s wait until next year when the Packers play … and for the first female in NFL history … just be looking for me 🙂

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