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I Got It Wrong

The following won’t make sense unless you read yesterday’s post.

Sugar told me that it is not being the best Mark you can be; it is being the Mark that you want to be.  The Mark that Mark wants to be is thinner than the Mark he was. 

“Oh,” I said, “the Mark you want to be might not be the best Mark you can be.  You might want to be a more relaxed Mark.”

“It is not about Mark.  You are supposed to substitute your own name,” Sugar said with that instructional tone she uses as a teacher.

“Okay.  Well, the Al I want to be plays with Peyton Manning.”

“That is delusional.  Pick another Al you want to be.”

This is too confusing.  I will give Peyton a call and ask whether he is being the best Peyton that he can be or simply the Peyton that he wants to be. I think they are the same. 

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8 thoughts on “I Got It Wrong

  1. I think it gets even more confusing when we try to be someone others want us to be … (or in your case not be someone others want us to be) … yikes

  2. Perhaps you need a more realistic goal. Perhaps you should concentrate on being the best Perry Mason you can be? If you recall, he never lost a case — and was fairly hefty, too.

    This way you can have your cake and eat it, too. If you ever do get a call from the Coach, you’ll have enough weight to respond; meanwhile you’ll be much sought- after by every wrongfully accused defendant in the state and can win all those cases.

    (P.s.: Don’t let Miss Sugar read this.)

    • What was Mason’s time in the 40? How much could he bench press? Who says I have ever lost a case? I don’t call 240lbs. “hefty” for my height. I consider myself lithe.

      • Then you’re well on your way! By the way, “hefty” is good, as you have to heft the tacklers out of your way.

        As for Mason’s time in the 40… I think he spent all his time on a Hollywood set arguing with Hamilton Berger. He approached the bench, but he never pressed it, as I recall. (The judge might have bonked him with that little hammer.)

  3. I am still struggling to work with this at all. I know it works for Mark; but how does it “work” for me? Is it, the “best I can be?”, “I want to be?”, I was “meant to be”? It is confusing; I guess we all have our own language/words we reverberate to.

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