Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets

War of the Winds

Shootin' the Breeze

War of the Winds
The flames fascinate,
Bringing comfort
As I contemplate,
Staring at the fire.
Winds rudely attack
My reverie,
By a chilly draft
Tresspassing inside.
Noisy blowing cold,
Being too bold
Invading our home.
Logs and chinking
And metal roof
Try protecting
Us from this weather.
Some windows rattle.
Walls are shaking.
It’s a battle,
Testing our shelter.
Like evil v. good,
Hostile forces
War with the wood
In our fiery stove.
Burning wood’s heat
Challenges wind
As they compete
On temperature.
The brave cabin
Resists the force
As we stay in —
Safe from blowing rage.
With loud gales outside,
My wife hugs me,
Snuggling by my side.
I don’t mind the wind.

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