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Beau Makes Friends, Or Not


Those readers who have read this blog for awhile are familiar with a certain Yellow Labrador Retriever named Beau because he has been the subject of many posts.  Here we go again.

Today, Sugar pointed out to me a sight she saw while looking out the dining room window.  The sight she shared with me was a view of Beau making friends with two horses who are already friends.  It reminded me of the old saying, “Two is company; three is a crowd.” 

Beau was obviously the “odd man out.”  He does not look like the horses and they noticed that.  You will notice too in the photo above.  

One of the horses was laying down, taking a nap in the sun, I guess.  The other was standing guard, a frequent phenomenom among livestock who are herd animals.  Well, this guard did not do an adequate job.  He allowed Beau to bother the other gelding.  The photo shows just one instant.  I can report that Beau stayed on the task of bothering the two geldings for over fifteen minutes.  He could not take the hint that he was not welcome. 

Should we attribute his cluelessness to supreme confidence or to lack of sensitivity about the feelings of others or does he just enjoy ticking off everyone in his life? 

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8 thoughts on “Beau Makes Friends, Or Not

  1. I can almost hear that horse saying, “Beat it, Bud.”

  2. Can’t be cluelessness. Beau is not in DC. And I was taught that a horse never lays down unless it is ill. I guess you can never trust learning about horses from city slickers. I also see the snow has melted!

  3. Awwww…. poor Beau. Just wantin’ to play! 😉

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