Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets

Jedi Horse Training


Many horse trainers, whose abilities are not as great as mine, use equipment to aid them in controlling horses.  Only a few of us true “horse whisperers” get the job done by helping the horses to want to do what is asked of them.

Let’s talk about me for a minute.  This morning, from within my home, I exerted certain Jedi powers to perfectly line up four horses from one hundred or more yards away.  Even I don’t fully understand how I accomplished this.  Don’t ask me to teach my skills to those of you in the general public.  You would be in way over your heads.  Just admire my accomplishments as documented for history in the photo above.

“Horses,” I thought, “turn to your right.”

“Good!”  I use lots of praise in my extra-sensory communication.  “Now, space yourselves equi-distant from one another.”  These particular horses have excellent vocabularies.  Don’t try this with dull horses.

“Finally, march forward, as in a parade.”

Those Budweiser Clydesdales could learn a thing or two from the Quarter Horses of Cross Creek Ranch.   


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7 thoughts on “Jedi Horse Training

  1. Jeanne & Brian on said:

    Whatever you did, it worked! Such a precious photo!

  2. Great work convincing them all to be mind readers! 🙂 Nice pix.

  3. Al and Elizabeth on said:

    Now THAT’s hysterical !!
    Good Work Alan !

  4. Amazing work. Love that pic!

  5. Do not turn to the Dark Side, Jedi.

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