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Toby Keith

Miss Sugar is a former vocal performance major.  She has sung professionally at weddings and funerals and community theater.  She likes karaoke. 

I am not a professional singer.  In fact, when I was in the Senior Choir in high school, my role in selections from Kismet at the talent show was to be the king, with harem dancing girls surrounding me as I stood in the middle of the stage, with my royal arms crossed.  Now here is the rest of the story.  One of the dancers was a cousin of mine.  Yuuch!  More significantly, the choir director decided that I should not be singing in that scene.  He had, you know, artistic reasons.  Was I selected as king based on my regal appearance or as a kind way to have me not sing?  I will always wonder.

Another more recent experience was when Sugar was singing a solo at church and invited me to join in the refrain as she harmonized.  The person running the sound system made a mistake and cut off Sugar’s microphone at a crucial point, probably intending to cut my mike off, but with the result of only my off-key singing filling the sanctuary.  Sugar blames me for them not inviting her to be a soloist again.  She wanted to change church membership as a result.

So, based on my unsuccessful music career, I am surprised that Sugar is encouraging me to join in at karaoke.  She picked a song for me and is helping me practice so that I don’t embarrass her, again.

I suggested that I do a medley of Roy Rogers’ songs, ending with “Happy Trails to You.”  Sugar steered me to “I Love This Bar” by Toby Keith.  A star is born. 

We are going with a group of friends.  Sugar is fearful that after I sing we will have to find new friends.


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3 thoughts on “Karaoke

  1. LOL. Please go sing in Tokyo. You will make a LOT of new friends. 🙂

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