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Home Security for Miss Sugar

Sugar has been on a mission.  Her mission is to secure the borders of our ranch.  Since it is fenced, the primary access is to enter the property via our lane.  We already have a traditional ranch gate made of round posts, but Sugar got into her head that it must be enhanced.  I think she got the idea when we retrieved our cat from the neighbors, whose place has an electric gate.  So, now we are getting an electric gate. 

Personally, I have not worried about our security during the twenty-plus years of residing here.  I typically close the gate only when cows are coming up the road on a cattle drive to change pastures and we don’t want them to detour up the lane.  I have felt that our sign, which says, “We don’t call 911,” was sufficient deterrent to would-be robbers.911 sign 

Nevertheless, Sugar apparently does not trust my trigger finger.  She got security cameras for the front and back of the house.  She got alarms on the doors and windows, and now she is getting an electric gate to be closed except when we are coming or going.  It works with a thing-a-ma-bob similar to a garage door opener.

Sugar researched what kind of gate opener (and closer) to get.  It is electric, but we do not have power outlets at the end of the lane, so ours is powered by solar panels.  My electrical training being limited to a semester of junior high electric shop class, Sugar hired professional electricians to do the installation of the solar panels and all.  It did not hurt my feelings, but my old shop teacher would be insulted that Sugar did not have confidence in the training I had received.  Oh, well.  I did not want to do all that work anyhow.

Now if you want to come visit, you better call first, so we can open the gate for you.  Or call from the gate.  If we ain’t home, you are out of luck.  I guess that is Sugar’s goal — to not have company when we are not present to act with proper hospitality.cowsonroad

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5 thoughts on “Home Security for Miss Sugar

  1. I’m all for her security measures. I lived alone on a ranch 18 miles from town with no locks on the doors and only a .22 rifle. I was plenty scared at night.

  2. Ditto~!~ I have a fenced yard (no ranch….but a couple acres in town on the busiest road ever!), I have a gate that is always open. I have 4 prominently displayed no trespassing-no soliciting signs. One reads “No, I don’t want my leaves raked, my driveway paved, my house painted…if I didn’t invite you I am calling the Police”. Still doesn’t stop the crazy people who bang on my door trying to sell me stuff, trying to collect my husbands dead ex wife’s debts, my deadbeat stepson (who’s father is also dead) debts etc. I am armed with a 12 year old rottweiller and 2 cats who can be deadly when they decide to start running about the house. I want an electric gate and need a .22 rifle. Last crazy at the door, pounding for 10 minutes wouldn’t go away until the local police arrived. Keep Miss Sugar secure!

  3. Joanie on said:

    I’m with Sugar. I feel better for you with Sugar’s thinking!

  4. Sir, it seems likely that Ms. Sugar (and Beau) trust your trigger (happy) finger… It’s more like your aim they don’t trust. 🙂

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