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Miss Electricity

Miss Sugar is not your typical beauty pageant queen.  In addition to the swimsuit and evening gown competitions, she could have won the handywoman contest, if there was such a thing.

Last year, I wrote a post called Do It Herself Plumbing  Now she has expanded into another trade — that of an electrician.

Sugar wanted an electric gate out by the road so as to control access to the lane up to our house here on the ranch.  We have occasionally had uninvited visitors drive up to the house and ask to hike, hunt, buy firewood, or just directions.  I don’t mind when I am around, but Sugar is skittish about men coming to the door with guns when I am not around.  So, we had the gate installed by professionals.

One guy operated a trencher for the underground wire.  A couple other guys put the arms on the gates and installed the “brains” for the system as well as some solar panels.  A master electrician hooked it all up.  Sort of.

I had to go to town to my law office that day or I would have done it all myself.  Part of that sentence is true. 

When I got back to the ranch, only the electrician was there.  I was surprised that he had been there most of the day.  He was trying to get the two gates to open and close simultaneously and to meet in the middle.  It still was not working when he left, frustrated.

Sugar had read the directions.  She had researched which system to get.  She did not like how the electrician had left it, so she finished the job herself.  You are wondering, of what value am I? That is an excellent question, asked by many who know me.  Sugar found a use for me.  While she operated the control panel, I stood by the gate and informed her when the gates were lined up perfectly so she could program the system to my specifications.  It was a two person job.  One person needed technical skill; the other person needed eyes and a mouth, as well as aesthetic opinions. 

So now our gates work great by remote control.  You are welcome, Sugar.  I was glad to help.







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10 thoughts on “Miss Electricity

  1. Ron barnett on said:

    I’m proud of you, Sugar.

    • What about me, Ron? I helped. Speaking of helpers, I recall a story of you helping Gramma Hultgren take down wallpaper with a hose — in the house. We will let you know if we need your help with such a project.

      • Ron barnett on said:

        My primary assignment with Grandma was somewhat similar to your yours…only with a hose. Uncle Claude stopped after work (as he did frequently) only to see water running out the front door (you can imagine what he was thinking) He told Grandma that the oak flooring would begin buckling after things began to dry.
        Grandma was confident that wouldn’t happen…and guess who won the debate?


  2. Isn’t it nice that Ms. Sugar read all those instructions and didn’t bother you with the specifics?? Good job helping her out, as the man on the front line, defending the home perimeter. Glad it is all working properly. I’m guessing those installers, electricians etc never read the installation manual! We women do those kind of things, and often times have fewer “left over” nuts and bolts and screws etc.

  3. I love it! Once again Miss Sugar to the Rescue; beauty and brains; a winning combination! So glad you were there to “assist.”

  4. Ms. Sugar should come to California and work for the government as an electrician. She would get more pay as a government employee than if she worked at a regular company…plus she would be tremendous benefits including the possibility she can spend a day at a coffee shop and sing her songs…and still get full pay. If she does, sir, you may be able to quit your lower paying lawyer job and watch Beau and Scout from the safety of your porch.

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