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No Brag. Just Fact.


Y’all might be getting tired of me bragging about Miss Sugar.  Well get used to it.  And, actually, I am not sure it is correctly deemed bragging.  It is simple reporting.  I am reminded of the words of Walter Brennan in his Western series, The Guns of Will Sonnett, when he frequently said, “No brag.  Just fact.”

Regular readers will recall that the installation of our electric gate involved a mishap.  The trencher cut a water line for the drip system that irrigates 14 trees lining the lane and another 9 trees and other landscaping across the lane from our house.  We call this area the flagpole area because, as you might guess, we have a flagpole and fly both the U.S. flag and a Texas flag. 

The broken water line has prevented me from the spring task of hooking up the drip system so as to actually water the trees.  It did not prevent Sugar from doing that very thing.

So while I was engaged in my sedentary work as a lawyer, Sugar took matters into her own dainty hands, again.  She figured that if she plugged the one end of the PVC water pipe, the water could get down the lane to those 14 trees and she could use a hose to reach the flagpole area since it is across from the house.  So she did just that.  Without me.  Again.

Except, the plug blew out when the force of the water came through.  And I will tell you why.  Sugar ain’t as strong as me.  So, she sweet-talked me into laying on the ground, reaching into the hole, and tightening the clamp with a screwdriver so as to hold the plug in the PVC valve.  And I done like I was told.  And it worked.  Plumb good!

That, my friends, is called Team Work.  It was a combination of brains and brawn.  Just the way I like it. 

No brag.  Just fact.



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5 thoughts on “No Brag. Just Fact.

  1. I probably should know this, but I’m too lazy to look back in previous blogs … why the Texas flag, since you live in Colorado?

  2. Sir, nice story once again about your better half. Now… As to “no brag”… Hmm. Texas is known for their things coming in large portions. Maybe the love flowing from Ms. Sugar’s flag has affected your legal definition of brag vs. fact! 😄 But kudos to her for hoisting Old Glory!

  3. Totally forgot about “The Guns of Will Sonnet” and Walter Brennan too until you mentioned it here. Miss Sugar is one lovely lady, and I don’t believe you are bragging at all.

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