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Aging Attorneys

Today I was at a courthouse wherein I occasionally practice my trade.  When I was going through security by the entrance, an older gentleman smiled and waved at me as he left the courthouse.  Of course, I waved back even before it dawned on me that he is another lawyer whom I know but have not seen for a few years.  It took a moment to recognize him because he looks much older than he did when we last saw each other.  Obviously, he recognized me right away.  I know why.  It is because I have not aged a bit.

I went to the courtroom where my case was on the docket.  There were two other lawyers I know, or knew, in the same courtroom.  I have over the years had cases with each of them.  They used to be approximately my age.  Now they are both much older than me.  The Denver defense lawyer from my past is now bald and fat.  My friend from the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association board of directors has gray hair and, gasp, wrinkles.  Poor guys!

So I told Miss Sugar about the three “old” friends I saw today.  She wondered aloud whether they are telling their wives about seeing me and how youthful I still look. 

What do you think she meant by that crack?

I could not tell if there was (a) sarcasm or (b) simple pride in her trophy husband.  I don’t really want to know the answer.  I will go with (b).

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5 thoughts on “Aging Attorneys

  1. It must be (b). Only a trophy husband would not be able to tell the difference.

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