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244 Pound Weight Gain!

My Uncle Don was an All American college football player.  He was a talented pass catcher.  He was fast.  His nickname was Flash.  He also played college basketball and ran track.  He is in the Nebraska Sports Hall of Fame as well as other halls of fame. 

In addition to his athletic abilities, Uncle Don possessed a great sense of humor.  He later became a coach and, after that, a college dean of students.  He was often in demand as an after-dinner speaker.  My father took me to some games when Uncle Don was coaching and another time to a banquet so I could hear his funny speech. 

After Don’s playing and coaching days were over, the formerly slender speedster gained some weight.  He probably went from 180 lbs. playing weight to over 250 lbs.  Whenever he was teased about that, such as by former teammates who might say, “Don, it looks like you have gained some weight,” Don would quickly reply as if he missed the point and did not take offense, by saying, “Yeah, I only weighed six pounds when I was born.” 

I have stolen that line and invite you to use it too if the situation calls for it. 


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4 thoughts on “244 Pound Weight Gain!

  1. Perfect response to the dim-wits that point out those observations. Not that I’ve had it happen to me or anything. 😉

  2. LOL! That was great! Just wondering if you or Uncle Don knew of my husband’s cousin… Larry Tomlinson who played under NE Coach Bob Devany in the 1960’s, an Offensive End who played at the Orange Bowl.

    • Yes. He probably played with Bob Churchich, who is married to one of my cousins. Bob played there from about 1963-1966. A few years later, Nebraska won back-to-back national championships. Johnny Rodgers won the Heisman in 1972, I think. Doug Dumler, who is now a lawyer in Fort Collins, played on those two championship teams and went on to the NFL. Ask Larry if he knew any of those guys. Devaney was a great coach, followed by Tom Osborne, who won three national titles in 25 years.

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