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Prodigal Cat

The Prodigal Cat left again.  The night before last, we did not lock it on the screened porch before dark.  It had stayed home all day and seemed to have some fun hanging out with the dogs.  However, under cover of darkness, it made its escape.

The next morning, yesterday, we got a call from the neighbor who had found it in the first place, when it spent some time in her barn on sabbatical.  This time, she knew who to call — Sugar.  So, we drove over there (two miles) and found it where she said it would be, shut in the tack room, sleeping on a saddle.

Sugar concluded that the cat is lonesome for its own kind and goes to the neighbor’s place because she has other cats in her barn.  Accordingly, Sugar found on the internet an ad for some kittens.  We drove forty miles to get the last one. 

The new kitty is in a cage on the porch with the Prodigal Cat.  That way, they can get acquainted through the bars.  The older cat seems fascinated with the baby one and quit crying for freedom.

Time with tell whether this arrangement will work.  Now, at least, if the Prodigal Cat leaves again, we still have a cute kitty.


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5 thoughts on “Prodigal Cat

  1. Photos of the new arrangement?

  2. We have 1 “outdoor” cat, living the life in a heated igloo for the winter, and enjoying her perch on the cover of the hot tub or a box with a cozy rug in the summer. Seems she has invited one of the neighborhood STRAYS, a pretty yellow cat, to come have dinner on a regular basis. My hubby claims we now “own” another cat. I say HECK NO…..I chase it away every chance I get. I refuse to pay more vet bills for strays! The 4 animals I pay for are enough. Sure am going through a lot of cat food! My 2 “indoor cats” want to go out and play, and I am not up for the fleas, ticks etc that come with the open door policy or the price of the extra flea medication you would have to dose them all with. I got suckered once with a stray & 2 kittens…never again!

    • I am not too pleased with the way our porch cats have decorated the screened in porch. I look forward to when they move to the barn.

      • I think that is a great place for the cats to live. I tell my wayward SMOKEY cat that he will be living outside soon if he keeps nipping at my bare toes! There is something peaceful about a kitten in your lap, but you will never have a book in your lap once the kitten is a CAT. The upside is no mice came in from the woods for the winter, so the outside cat is working hard! Our laundry room is the cat room, our sunroom is the rottweiler room. I understand about the decorating….

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