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Barn Orientation

Well, Gentle Readers, The Prodigal Cat and The New Kitty are now residing in the barn, having been moved there from the screened porch. However, they are not yet free to roam the barn, as we intend, because they are still in an orientation period.

The orientation period is taking place in separate but adjacent cages in a stall. Each cage is equipped with food, water, litter box, and bed. We want them to feel at home there and to get acquainted with one another before being granted freedom. We especially fear that The Prodigal Cat will contribute to the delinquency of the minor kitty. We do not want to go retrieve them from the neighbor’s barn.

A lady who finds homes for feral cats told me that she uses the cage in the barn technique for cats to start considering a place home.

Time will tell.


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One thought on “Barn Orientation

  1. Good luck to your purr things my friend! XOXO – Bacon

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