Shootin' the Breeze

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People Who Need Pepoel

The sign on the restaurant door said:  “Wanted Deliver Pepoel.” 

Apparently, the Human Resources Department for this establishment does not use Spell-Check.

Many words in the English language are not spelled like they sound.  Nevertheless, there are resources, such as dictionaries and, as I said, Spell-Check software.  I recommend that especially when posting a public notice one might check one’s spelling for the sake of presenting a professional image.

Sum pepoel ae’nt az piky.




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4 thoughts on “People Who Need Pepoel

  1. Many years ago, teachers were going on strike. A TV crew taped a teacher closing his door with a “so long” sign which said, “Teachers Are Nobel”…

  2. I can’t read texting 😦 I tipe poorlee two.

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