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Cat Tales

Now we have three cats — The Prodigal Cat, The Baby Kitty, and, as of yesterday, The Yellow Cat With A Broken Tail.

Yesterday, the yellow cat showed up on the porch.  It looks like it has “been around.”  It has a scar on its face and a broken tail.  Miss Sugar fed it and it purred.  Beau chased it up a support post on the front porch and finished its lunch.  Miss Sugar put it in a little tool shed on the property.  It seems to like it.  We wonder whether someone dropped it off.  We do not exactly live on the main drag. 

Today, The Prodigal Cat is having surgery.  We brought it to The Cat Rescue Spay & Neuter Clinic at 7:00 a.m. this morning.  It was in a cage in the back of the SUV, crying all the way.  Maybe it heard us talking about its fate.  I did not comfort it.  I suggested that it run for the hills, but I was obligated to leave it in the cage.  I feel as if I am betraying a fellow male.  I am breaking The Golden Rule.  I certainly would not want this “done unto me.”  Our thinking is that it might stay home when it loses its interest in dating females. 

The Baby Kitty is oblivious to the life experiences that the senior cats have endured.  Its day will come. 


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3 thoughts on “Cat Tales

  1. My daughter reminds me that our 3 strays (momma cat and the 2 kittens) live a fine life. She reminds me that I had them spayed/neutered as soon as they were of the appropriate age/weight etc. Now, we too have the stray yellow cat who I refuse to entertain. But dear daughter reminds me, I should probably cage it and take it to get it spayed/neutered BEFORE it delivers kittens to my door step. Knowing that …I have been on the lookout for Yellow cat, and he is noticibly absent. I think he/she has heard what might be in store for it. Prodigal cat will either now stay at home, or leave forever. When I spent nearly $1000 on our 3, I decided they should be house cats from that time on. I didn’t want my investment getting run over on the road or running off to the nearest bowl of cat food the neighbors might put out.

  2. Yellow Cat With Broken Tail has free health insurance.

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