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Paternity and Child Support

Miss Sugar examined The Yellow Cat With The Broken Tail, who shall hereinafter be referred to as simply Yellow Cat.  Her opinion is that Yellow Cat is a female feline.  Part of the basis of Sugar’s opinion is that Yellow Cat appears to be in a delicate condition.  She has what the celebrities refer to as a “baby bump.”  It is Sugar’s opinion that Yellow Cat is expecting.  Now The Baby Kitty we already have will be a big brother, or sister, as we can’t tell which.  They will not be biological siblings or even step siblings.  They will be in the same foster family however.  Maybe Yellow Cat will officially adopt The Baby Kitty, soon to be known as The Big Baby Kitty.

I have a theory about why Yellow Cat appeared on our porch on Tuesday.  My theory has to do with paternity and child support.  

Those of you who have read other blog posts concerning The Prodigal Cat are aware that he disappears for periods of time.  We learned in March that he has another family.  Since bringing him back here at that time, he returned three or more times to our neighbor’s barn.  Now that they know where he belongs, they call us.  Our neighbors are not exactly “next door.”  They are about two miles away by motor vehicle, on a route that requires going over a bridge under which a river flows.  Prodigal Cat might take a shortcut, but somehow it must cross the river. 

Back to my theory.  I suspect that The Prodigal Cat impregnated Yellow Cat and she decided to track him down.  She found him here.  She does not want to raise his progeny alone, so she came to move in with him here at Cross Creek Ranch.  She is looking to him for child support.  She refuses to be cast aside.  She insists that he live up to his responsibilities.  So here she is.

Ironically, the day after her arrival we taught The Prodigal Cat another lesson about the consequences of unprotected sex.  We taught him about birth control.  We had him neutered. 

Now The Prodigal Cat can focus on parenting and staying home with his beloved. 

No more cattin’ around. 



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2 thoughts on “Paternity and Child Support

  1. I hope your theory is correct, but I have another theory… one that also has to do with lack of proper protection resulting in rejection of child support.

    But no, I mustn’t think so ill of my fellow humans! I must not think that a hard-hearted owner — too cheap to spay and now faced with mother & kitten support — would dump this poor cat beside your gate when she’s most in need of support. My blood boils when I allow myself such thoughts, so I’ll go with your theory.

  2. Oh my! You may have to take this on-going lesson into schools! Or maybe Hollywood? Reality TV at its finest.

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