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Life is Precious

Shootin' the Breeze

I wrote the following in 2008.  It was published in The Denver Post.

Our old dog, Tanner, of mixed parentage, passed away this month, the same week we saw Marley and Me.  He was over thirteen years old.  He died peacefully during the night, alone.  He did not seem to be in pain when I last saw him earlier that evening.  He did not whine, but he was not eating.  I found him the next morning.  He looked like he was sleeping but I knew the truth because he did not raise his head to greet me. Tanner is buried in a nice spot on the ranch. 

Our old dog, Buck, a Golden Retriever, also died at age thirteen, several years ago, under different circumstances.  He was in pain.  He could not get up.  He was whining.  We euthanized him at home with his family petting him and telling…

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2 thoughts on “Life is Precious

  1. This would have been a hard post to write, but I really enjoyed reading it. I helped my elderly cousin make out her living will — and this is exactly so — she was in good physical & mental health when she did it and does not want to be incapacitated in any way.

    I think a lot of that is pride. “I don’t want people to see me like that.” But some is lack of knowing the future, exactly how the end will come. Her doctor asked her, “How far shall we take this? If you fall and break your hip, do you not want medical intervention?”

    Man now has the means to preserve life artificially. Probably not the best ability, as it brings so much anguish & argument about where and when to draw the line. But I thank God that He knows. I believe He’ll give us the answer at the right time — together with the peace to accept it — if we’ll only ask.

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