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Lincoln on Leadership

Donald T. Phillips wrote a book that I commend to you, entitled Lincoln on Leadership — Executive Strategies for Tough Times.  I recommend the book to President Obama as well. I am certain that President Lincoln would have handled the Benghazi matter much differently and the aftermath much differently.

I used to teach some college courses as adjunct faculty.  (That means I was not really a professor, just a part-time guy.)  I taught classes at night, after working in the law office or going to court all day.  The classes were from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., so a four credit semester course would meet once a week rather than four times a week for one hour each time.  It is difficult to hold attention of students for one hour.  Four hours is four times as difficult.  Good thing I am a storyteller more than a lecturer. 

The book I mentioned, Lincoln on Leadership, was not part of the approved curriculum for the class called something like “Ethics and Leadership in Business,” but I introduced it in addition to the required textbooks because I admire Lincoln,and fancy myself an amateur Lincoln scholar. Well, at least I have read many books about him. Abe Lincoln was well known for telling stories to illustrate points he wanted to make.  So, it was sort of coming full circle for me to use stories about him in my own storytelling about examples of leadership.  President Lincoln was an excellent trial lawyer and I sometimes try cases myself.  There the comparison ends. 

President Obama is a lawyer by training too, although I don’t know if he ever tried a case.  He is an excellent speaker.  He would probably be a good trial lawyer.  He would be a better trial lawyer than I would be a President, maybe. 

On the other hand, I have read the book, Lincoln on Leadership, and it does not appear that President Obama has read it.  Sometimes I wish that I had the opportunity to participate in the Presidential debates in 2012.  But it wouldn’t have been a fair fight because, well, I read that book. 


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2 thoughts on “Lincoln on Leadership

  1. Your post made me chuckle! I will have to look into that book.

  2. I love reading about Lincoln! Going to add this to my library list.

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