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Miss Texas Can Cook!

My wife, Sugar, aka Miss Texas, has a new idea, and when she has an idea, she pursues it with enthusiasm.  Now you are wondering what she is pursuing with enthusiasm, so I will tell you.

Sugar is starting a bed & breakfast at our ranch. 

Here is the deal:  We have a guest house called The Bunkhouse.  bunkhouseIt is an old log cabin that was the original homestead cabin in the 1880s.  If all you knew was how old it is, you might be apprehensive.  However, over the years it has been well-maintained.  Really, only the rustic logs are old.  It has a new roof, new foundation, new chimney, a bathroom addition, new wiring, new plumbing, new storm windows and door, and — even a sauna. sidebunk Like with everything she does, Sugar goes overboard. Her
concept of a bed & breakfast is turbo-charged. Check out the listing and the About page on this blog. westview riverlookrainbow bunkvistaprongsbufflone star flagparadescamp bowingsadieswimcowsintreescowdogondriveSugarnmeLonghorndisplayantlersscampOur Home 017additioniceUsSantaFe


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16 thoughts on “Miss Texas Can Cook!

  1. She had me at ‘Santa Fe Omlet’! Seriously, this sounds wonderful. I know it takes a special type of person (outgoing!) to run a B&B, and from what I have read about your wife, she’s just the ticket! I am sure you will be hosting many satisfied guests in the future. Great idea!

  2. Wishing her all the best in her new endeavor. The cabin looks inviting.

    The bottom picture looks like dry prairie-land with mountains in the background, so you’ll likely have to plant a woods and make a lake to add to the decor. Since you’re going overboard anyway. 🙂

    • It is high prairie which makes it good pasture. We have a river twenty yards from our house. There are trees along the river. No lake, however. I will get Sugar working on it. Also, I better post some pictures showing the river.

      • Love the wildlife! I only got 3 pics when the post first came, glad you added more. It does look awesome.

        As to the lake and trees, Miss Sugar can do this bit by bit. First plant more young aspens by the river. Then hire beavers and let them make the river into a lake.
        (She’ll have to replant the trees periodically, though.)

  3. What a beautiful retreat! 🙂

  4. Wow! Sounds like a great place for a writer’s retreat. 🙂

  5. Beautiful! I’ve saved it to my favorites! I have a friend that lives not too far out of Cheyenne. This might be a great escape for both of us! Tell Miss Texas she had a great idea!

  6. Did Miss Sugar plumb (that’s a pun) it?

  7. Love your presentation, professional yet folksy; lovely spot for a getaway!

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