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Beau’s Dietary Choice


Our dog Beau is a Yellow Labrador Retriever.  His breed is known for being intelligent.  It is known for being fun-loving.  It is known for eating the uneatable, similar to goats.

My friend Sam’s Chocolate Lab ate his daughter’s panty hose and needed surgery to remove that because it is not food and is not digestible. 

Once we were in the waiting room at a veterinary clinic and a man brought in his Golden Retriever because it had eaten rocks.  Golden Retrievers are very similar to Labs in many ways, and to goats in that way.  We might call it an indiscriminate palate.

Beau ate something last night which is not food.  He ate that absorbent paper that is in packages of chicken.  We had already eaten the chicken.  Beau helped clean up by putting his front legs on the kitchen counter and grabbing with his mouth the plastic, styrofoam, and absorbent paper formerly containing the chicken.  He is fast.  He ate the paper product before my darling wife, Sugar, could retrieve it from our Retriever.

Consequently, appalled and worried, she wrote to her Facebook friends about what happened and almost immediately got 30 responses.  Many were concerned whether the non-food item would not “pass through.” 

I don’t know whether it will pass through his digestive system.  I have observed that something has passed through a couple times today.  I usually avoid examining feces; however, to put Sugar’s mind at ease, I have done just that twice today.  So far, no chicken paper.  Still, he is not, as one might phrase it, “plugged up.”  I will let you know if that changes.


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5 thoughts on “Beau’s Dietary Choice

  1. Ahhh yes, the food thieves… my bundle of joy is very discriminating. When he devours a whole package of flour tortillas or a loaf of bread, he leaves the plastic and the twist-tie behind. Sorta like a calling card. 🙂

  2. Yes, please, keep us posted!

  3. He is waiting for after hours emergency $$$$ before showing since of distress. Seriously I would take him in to the vet. Think about how a diaper absorbs fluid. That chicken paper is the same. Not a good situation at all.

  4. We have a golden retriever and (as you note here) they seem to eat most anything. They can also move really fast when they want to.

    But keep watching Beau. If you don’t see that chicken paper expelled soon, you might want to get him to the vet for an X-ray.

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