Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets


This catchy title is not about living in Colorado where pot is legal.

The Stoning of Soraya M. is a movie about a story of an Islamic woman who is stoned to death as the penalty for adultery, despite her innocence. It was naturally painful physically for her to be pelted with hard stones until her injuries were fatal, but the emotional pain must have been even greater because her sons, her husband, and her father threw the first stones. She died knowing they had turned on her. Rather than protecting her, they joined in. They even led the way. They followed protocol.

You might identify with Soraya if you have had the experience of your own family punishing you unjustly rather than supporting you and protecting you.

It is painful when a stranger or enemy attacks you, but much more painful when the stones are thrown by family members whom you believed loved you.

Poor Soraya watched the rocks coming toward her, knowing who threw them and knowing that they intended to harm her.

The stone cold hard truth is that this does not feel like love. It does not look like love. It is not love.

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10 thoughts on “Stoned

  1. It is so painful

  2. And the women and girls have no voice at all.

  3. Joan Barnett on said:

    This must have been a difficult movie to watch also.

  4. This was a painful post to read, and to think about. To die like that is worse than cruel, it is unfathomable. Thanks for bringing something very important to light.

  5. I have something I want to share. I hate how women and girls are deemed lower than animals in many parts of the world and destined to a life of poverty, ignorance, lack of opportunity, and education. What can one person do? I decided I wanted to sponsor a little girl through This organization offers the opportunity for us who have so many comforts and opportunities in this world, to help a child in need. My sponsored 9 year old girl lives in rural eastern India. Our monthly monetary support allows her to go to school, have medical care, food, clothing, and Christian teaching. In her part of the world, it is an every day struggle for families to have clean water, food, shelter. An extra modest monetary amount will also help her family. Learn about children around the world who are struggling to survive; offer what you can to improve their lives. Helping one child to thrive and succeed can change their thinking and change their world.

  6. As you allude, stones are painful… but so is betrayal.

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