Shootin' the Breeze

and random targets


It’s not a lucky number
Or so some people say
But 13 means a lot to me
It means our wedding day

The 13th of October
A few years in the past
Is when my life got better
With a marriage meant to last

On the 13th of October
I married my sweet wife
It was my lucky day
The best day of my life

Of course what really matters
Is not the date or time
What matters is the person
The woman who is mine

On the 13th of October
We exchanged our vows
The promises we live
From that day until now

The vows we keep on living
And will until we die
The ceremony happened then
When I became the luckiest guy




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9 thoughts on “LUCKY 13

  1. Happy for you to be the lucky guy


  2. Congratulations — and many more years of “happy ever after.”

  3. Nice poem, I bet it brought a smile to your wife’s face and tears to her eyes. Then she hugged and kissed you, right? Happy Anniversary!

  4. Yeah, she liked it.

  5. Happy Anniversary!

  6. Good stuff

    I agree-October is a great month for anything! and in your case doubly good.

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