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Trans-species Identification

The setting:  Miss Sugar and I are relaxing in the hot-tub.  A cat, Jigsy, is walking around the edge, purring.  A dog, Beau, is barking at something on the opposite side of the courtyard fence.  Now we are not relaxing.

Sugar asks, “Do you think he is barking at a snake?”  (We have not seen a snake all summer, but she fears a dog will be bitten, as Sadie was two summers ago.)

“I think it is too cold.  Should I check, though, so you don’t worry?”

“No, I am going to get out.”

She got out.

Then I heard, “EEK!”

That is correct — an actual EEK just like in the cartoons.


“Beau has a mouse.  It is alive.”

The cat went over to look.  Beau showed the cat by holding the mouse by the tail, hanging out of his mouth.  Very nonchalant.

The cat watched for awhile after Beau dropped the mouse.  Beau put his front paw on the mouse to prevent escape, a little trick he picked up from the cats.

Miss Sugar went into the house.  The cat walked away.  Beau picked up the mouse again to show me.  I did not ask him to bring it to me.  I prefer that he fetch balls which I can throw.  Mice are difficult to grip, so I passed.  I went inside too.

It is apparent to me that Beau is a cat trapped in a dog’s body.  I guess we better look into trans-species surgery so he can be his true self.

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6 thoughts on “Trans-species Identification

  1. species identity confusion.

  2. Perhaps Beau came across a pot farm… I remember the story of the tenant. 🙂

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