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Spoiled Cats

cats on hike

Miss Sugar goes overboard in every endeavor.  Most recently, she provided to our barn cats what no other barn cat in the history of the world has ever possessed — a heated blanket in a box, which is elevated on a platform, which is accessed by a ramp, which is in a stall in the barn, and because it is in a stall, requires an extension cord from the electric blanket in the stall to a GFI plug twenty feet away.  Also on the platform, which prevents trespassing by dogs, who cannot go up the narrow ramp, nor under the stall door, there are food bowls, in which she puts formerly dry food which has warm water added to make it more appealing.

Sometimes I feed the cats.  Unlike Sugar, I put some dog food in their bowls.  No, I do not bring warm water from the house to the barn.  So call the Humane Society.  They will give Sugar an award and me a citation which I will vigorously defend by calling as defense witnesses several neighboring ranchers who will describe that I am complying with the standard of care for barn cats.

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10 thoughts on “Spoiled Cats

  1. Pretty good for cats that never feel a -40F night. (P.S. You’re not supposed to feed cats dog food. Or is it, never feed dogs cat food?) I must admit, I wish I had Miss Sugar’s fix-it abilities in several areas. I tell folks “The only kind of wood I know how to work with is a pencil.”

  2. Isn’t Sugar enthusiastic in her every endeavor?


  3. If I was a betting woman, I would bet Miss Sugar and I would be good friends; though I’m not an animal person. I loved that she fixed the plumbing before a previous John Wayne party. Also I’m very impressed of all the making of the pies and menu she prepared for said party. Sharp lady!

    She’s quite industrious in many areas that you share.

  4. Today she is teaching a class about how to make dreamcatchers. I will stay home and feed the cats their dog food, the dogs their dog food, and the horses their hay.

  5. Who has more Fun than the Carlsons?? on said:

    Who has more Fun than the Carlsons?

  6. Al… After the cat eat the dog food under your watch, how would Ms. Sugar know the differemc?

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