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Keeping Up with Me

Some of you readers are familiar with the concept of one-upsmanship.

Today I was one-upped.  Actually I was two-upped.  But it don’t make me no nevermind.


My friend Rodney invited me over to see his new gun.  Rodney frequently attends gun shows.  He frequently makes purchases at gun shows.  He has a nice collection of firearms.  They are all cowboy-type weapons.  In fact, it was Rodney who told me about the Single Action Shooting Society, commonly known as SASS.  I joined up.  See photo below of me at the Hell on Wheels event in Cheyenne.


photo rodney and al

Rodney’s new shotgun has three barrels.  I had never seen one like it.  Heck, my shotgun doesn’t even have two barrels, just the one.  I suppose it is for cowboys who don’t always hit what they are shooting at with the first shot.  Personally, I don’t have no use for more than one barrel but I told Rodney that I am glad he gets a couple more chances to try to keep up with me.  You know, to make it more fair.

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7 thoughts on “Keeping Up with Me

  1. Photo of said 3-barrel? Not that I doubt your word, of course…

  2. OMG. “Keep up with me”?!

  3. OMG. “Keep up with me”?!

    ps I had a Roy Rogers Winchester, too. I lost all the plastic bullets.

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