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Ferguson Irony

I am pretty unbiased on the issue of the grand jury deciding whether to indict the police officer who shot Michael Brown.

Here is why:  I don’t live in Ferguson, Missouri; I don’t know Officer Darren Wilson; I did not know Michael Brown; and I am not serving on the Grand Jury for this case.

Further, the Grand Jury process has not been concluded.  I have confidence in the legal system.  Some folks do not.

I would like to say something about the expectation of rioting by people who will be disappointed if the Officer is not indicted.  They are not on the Grand Jury either.  Consequently, they are not hearing the evidence.  Therefore, a decision to riot would be based on something other than the evidence.  It would be based on a judgment that such persons have already made about the only result acceptable to them.  That is, by definition, “pre-judging.”

That is the essence of prejudice.

So, the irony is that the officer is accused of killing Michael Brown for racially prejudiced reasons and the people threatening to riot are prejudiced about what the outcome of legal proceedings should be — based on race.  Officer Wilson is white.  Michael Brown is black.  Would race be an issue if they were both the same race?  This is about racists accusing others of being racists.

On the playground this is addressed by the old mindless comeback, “I know you are but what am I?”  Remember, whatever the other person calls you, just say that back.  It creates a standoff.

On the playground that is very immature.

When adults engage in this same behavior, it is different.  It is dangerous as well as immature.


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10 thoughts on “Ferguson Irony

  1. Why can’t we stop the racism?


  2. Good post. You are an attorney and you know a lot about the justice system. Ugly racism has plagued this country for so long. Hopefully, this situation will be resolved without anyone getting hurt.

  3. I won’t mention names, but the well-known executives in charge of Racism, Inc., need to be fired. Frankly, it makes me sick to see certain people seem to believe decisions like this is a license to riot, destroy and rob.

    • It is sad indeed. It is like a lynch mob except instead of attacking the accused person, the attack is against private property of people who were not involved. Location, location, location.

  4. There simply is no appreciation of true wisdom these days. Great cowboy logic. Where have all the cowboys gone these days?

    • Aren’t you a cowboy too? That is why we share a worldview.

      • Roger that. And Shadow is my 90 pd. sweetheart, although she did get into trash the other day. LOL. It was my fault. I should not have left her with so much temptation. I also have a younger brother of hers that came to us very sick, almost dead. Somehow he got poisoned. It stunted his growth and he weighs in at about 50 pds, but I call him my lovable idiot. We named him Captain Jack because he has not been quite normal ever since he almost died. Go figure. God has taken me a different direction with my blogsite. New theme: Broken Wings that Soar. Very much about the eagle. I’m not a truck driver anymore, a lot has changed, but I’m still a cowboy at heart.

      • We have two labs too, both rescue dogs. I can relate to Captain Jack’s issues. I will check out your new site.

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